Did eBay suspend your account? Did Paypal limit you?

Your account is suspended indefinitely by eBay. Your Paypal is put on hold and limited. Your accounts are getting blocked. They are ruining your business reputation, and you're seeing the point of no return at the end of the tunnel. Well, this is the story of millions of you who use eBay. You're not alone. We've helped thousands of customers getting back permanently. Don't capitulate! We have the solutions, so profit from the offer.


Our services are 100% guaranteed. Do not hesitate to contact us. We have a technical team that is ready to help you with all your problems, even after your purchase of one of our services. Do not waste more time out of eBay, you're losing money and we know how damaging a suspension is. Contact us now and talk to our support to get the best solution for your problem. We offer seller ready eBay accounts, Paypal verified accounts, US bank accounts... Do not wait to ask for help. Our services are available for all eBay members, not only for US & Canada.


If you think you're ready to purchase your product and you don't need the assistance of a representative, you can proceed with your order via our secured shopping cart.

eBay seller account

100% anonymous
Phone verified
Seller ready
10+ feedback (optional)
30 days old (optional)
3, 6, or 12 months old (extra options)
Starting from only $69.99

US bank account

100% anonymous
US based checking account
Online banking
Worldwide compatible ATM card
Available for non US citizens
Paypal / eBay compatible
Limited quantity
Starting from only $59.95

Paypal account

100% anonymous
United States based
Verified / Confirmed
Limited quantity
Only available on request
Contact us to get more details
IP solution required
Starting from only $149.95
Coming soon

IP address solutions

Rare & limited service
Access to USA IP addresses
Developed exclusively by us
Monthly membership
Highly recommended
Keep your connection safe
Stay 100% anonymous
Monthly subscription for $19.95

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Back with an improved service for your eBay suspension. (Jan 24 2011)

We have been dealing with a lot of changes lately with eBay and Paypal. We have improved and created new solutions and services. Our solutions are guaranteed and 100% efficient to get you back on eBay and get over your suspension. Do not let your business suffer from this. You can get back on eBay easily. Talk to one of our experts. Otherwise, just look through our services, send us an email if you're unsure, and we will gladly assist you. Our services have been greatly improved. Our technicians have developed solutions that are extremely efficient, and that can get you back selling on eBay almost instantly. Our experts are waiting for you.

NEW! US bank accounts. Paypal compatible. Worldwide. (Dec 17 2010)

We now offer to all of our customers a new product. You can now purchase a complete anonymous US bank account, worldwide compatible, works with Paypal flawlessly. You also have available to you, online banking, worldwide ATM compatibility, available to everyone inside and outside of the United States. You do not need to send any governmental IDs or utility bill to activate your bank account. It will completely verify your Paypal account and it will give you the possibility to withdraw your Paypal funds, anywhere in the world.

Click here for more details.

New guarantee on our solutions. 100% effective. (Dec 12 2010)

Stop wasting your time with inefficient ebooks. We have read them and reviewed them all. All sorts of ebooks are being released every months on how to solve your suspension. There is no miracle solution. Stop wasting your money on ebooks, it just won't work. Google is full of reviews about these ebooks. We are here with a technical team that is specialized in programming, coding, scripting and know how to give you a fully working eBay account to get you back on track selling your merchandise. Thousands of people got back on eBay easily and flawlessly with our solutions. We guarantee our solutions to the greatest extent. 100% effective eBay accounts. We do not setup normal eBay accounts. There is a programming technique that is efficient and proven to work. We have developed this expertise over the past 4 years and this is why our solutions are so popular. We invest a lot of time and money into Research & Development. We keep ourselves up to date and we maintain the highest quality services. You are wasting time and money out of eBay. Put your trust into a guaranteed and notorious service such as ours and you will be on eBay with a clap of hands.

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Special - 6 months old & 10+ feedback

eBay account, seller ready, phone verified, six (6) months old, 10+ feedback (100% positive). Limited quantity.


Price: 387.99 USD Limited time 299.99 USD

Coming soon - 20+ feedback eBay accounts

We listened to your requirements and we are announcing that you we will have soon for a limited quantity 20+ feedback accounts.

Tech department phone line

If you are having trouble with your eBay accounts and you would want to speak with one of our techs, we now offer a paying phone line. Contact us to schedule a phone appointment. $1.95/min.

Live chat support

We installed a new live chat system that is targeted to help you with pre-sale questions. Live chat staff is not formed of technicians and they cannot help you on technical aspects of your actual accounts.


You can find the link of our Live Chat support on the top of each page at the end of the navigation bar.

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